Live promo video with rock group “Panic Animal”

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Had an awesome time working with the Panic animal crew earlier this month. The guys wanted to do a full live production in the old Methodist church in Athy Co.Kildare.  Was slightly concerned about the acoustics of a church for a live rock band. Went ahead, pulled out the mobile rig, and could not have been happer with the natural reverbs in the Church. Love the sound of Pauls(drummers) kit. Never had the opportunity of tracking a full live Rock band in a church before. Used only a tad of digital reverb on the vocals (Altiverb 7) and the rest was the natural reverb in the Church. Was awesome! Nearly contemplating tracking drums there instead of the studio here from now on…nah, my studio acoustics are waaay better :-P!

We had Rob Rainsford from the “Vision Room” over to shoot and direct the whole visual side of things while I got to sit back and rock out to their full Live set..while tracking it too of course.

Really happy with the end result on this one.

Be sure to check them out the Panic Animal guys at

Enjoy 😉

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