Teenstar DVD’s Posted at last!!

Posted: April 24, 2013 in Uncategorized
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First and foremost my sincere apologizes for the delay with the DVD’s. Had them all finished, mixed, mast


ered, edited, duplicated and printed almost two weeks ago. I was waiting on casing to arrive which never came! I got scammed from a seller on eBay. Paypal have now refunded me the balance but that was the main reason for the hold up. All DVD’s were posted this morning.(24th April 2013)

I was blown away by the talent at the show, we did the live sound at the event and also recorded the full concert with a camera crew too, was going bald with stress levels at times!! It was only when I sat down to start mixing the session the following day that I released how talented these kids really were.

The DVD turned out amazing and I really think that you will be blown away by the performances of all acts and especially the ones you were there to support. If you are looking for a DVD of the event or want extras get in touch with us here.

Well done to all top 5 finalist and also Kelly Hannon who waked away with a rather large sized cheque for 5 grand in her back pocket! Pat and Paula did a fantastic job with Season 1 of Teenstars.

Here is a live performance of Ryan Dolan at the Teenstars final and his song “Only love will survice”. Ryan will be representing Ireland in the 2013 Eurovision competition in Malmö Sweden.


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