The first time we worked with Panic Animal was back in 2012 when they were just starting out as band and we were just starting out as a production studio. Two years later we cross paths again and agree to work on a fully recorded live gig in the Blue Door night club Port-laoise.

We had 7 cameras placed around the room from GoPro’s Hero 4’s to DSLR’s such as Canon 70D, 60D, 5D etc. All audio was recorded live with a 003 linked up with focus rite pre’s via ADAT. We spilt the signal so as not to interfere with the bands Live sound.

All Mixing and Mastering was done with ProTools 11 and all video editing was done in FCPX.

Panic Animal are one of the most sought after wedding/club bands around the country. It is great to see how far these guys have come along in the last few years and was a privilege to work with them as always. You can find more info on them and upcoming tour dates on their site below.

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