iTunes Single Release

Have an original song or song idea that you would like to get Produced, Recorded and Released on iTunes? Be it just a melody, lyrics or even a full song ready to record, we can help! What we can do…
  • Have your Single Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered and ready for Commercial Release
  • Get your Single up on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play, Amazon, Xbox Live etc
  • Set you up with IMRO (Irish Music Rights Organisation) and get your song licensed to YOU so you will benefit from any Royalties generated
  • ISRC codes encoded into your tracks
  • You have full control over the production of your song
  • Includes all Mixing & MasteringItunes
Some of our previous artists  who released Singles with us landed themselves in the Top 20 iTunes Charts and one artist held No1. for four days straight along side “Passenger” and “Ed Sheernan” (See article).If you have a song idea, or even just lyrics and not sure how to join the dots to make it a finished song get in touch with us here.

Terms & Conditions apply

  1. Regina houlihan says:

    I would like to purchase music for a step class at 118 bts per min if you can help

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