Rehearsal Space

With a live room acoustically treated it only makes sense to use it as a rehearsal space. Things just sound awesome in that room! Contact us to arrange a viewing or to talk to us about the available slots that we have within the month.

The live room consists of

  • 734500_437803379631159_732116513_n2x JBL JRX 1000 tops & 2 800w 18′ Subs.
  • Dynacord 1600 Power-mate 2k. (16 channel desk.)
  • Marshall JCM 2000 DSL head (re-valved with gold lion kt 77 tubes) and 1960 4×12 Cab
  • Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 602 60watt
  • Marshall AVT 275 combo
  • Ashdown bass amp
  • Pearl Vision kit (must bring snare, cymbals and sticks) with 2 boom stands, one regular, double kicker and hi-hat stand.
  • Plenty of vocal mics and stands (shure sm 58’s)
  • Central Heating
  • Kitchen facilities – Awesome coffee – 2 coffee machine makers and normal kettle!
  • Wifi397535_418446814900149_1886973115_n
  • Toilets