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Joey Lee Lawlor known nationwide for his cover band “Walk The Line” has released his first single “The Sky Has Never Changed”. The single reached No.1 in the Irish County charts and the music video has recently been picked up by “The Phil Mack International Country Show” on Sky Tv channel 191. It will be aired from the 25th of January.

We Recorded the single back in June/July and shot the music video in October. We used some analogue vintage plugins on the mix such as “Kramer Tape Machine” and “CLA” compressors. This gave it a great old school sound.

The Video was shot using a canon 60D. Edited and graded in FCPX.  We used some stock footage for the train scenes and also got to make use of FCPX’s new “optical flow” feature on some of the kid scenes.

We look forward to seen Joey’s video and single going out to over half a million viewers on the 25th of January.